Ecological production
with innovative state
of the art technology

our vision

Is to clean engine parts, steering system and gear parts in a most environmentally friendly, efficient and safe way. That’s what gives us our uniqueness in comparison to our competitors.

Knoth-systems are more efficient than others:

Our systems allow shorter cycle times and are easily adaptable to product switches in the production line. They have a compact design and above all, need no additional maintenance of autonomic units.


Knoth systems are environmentally friendlier than others:

Our main cleaning medium is air, it doesn’t get mixed with other media (e.g. with coolant) therefore no preparation or disposal is necessary.


Knoth systems consume less energy:

Because of the high temperature stability during the cleaning process, the working pieces don’t need to be cooled off after the cleaning process. Additionally when our systems are in standby nearly no energy is consumed. Energy-saving in comparison with traditional systems is generally from 25% up to sometimes 60%!


Knoth systems are safe and offer constant quality:

Knoth replaces manual cleaning processes with automation. This leads to a constant quality and a higher level of occupational health and safety (reduction of hazards, lower noise- and particulate emission through encapsulation).

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