Conception, planning and design of precise and energy-efficient component cleaning

The workpiece at the centre!

EVERY machine is unique! Even though a standardisation is an important objective for C-SYS I Cleaning Systems, every product is precisely tailored to customer’s requirements!
Component cleaning procedures, cycle times, used materials, space requirements, etc. are variable factors, which are specified by our customers and are optimally configured by C-SYS I Cleaning Systems for every area of application.
By the same token, component cleaning is not just component cleaning: Depending on customer requests, we have a broad portfolio from which to select the correct component cleaning solution. This is the only way to create a benefit for customers and reduce the running costs (maintenance, energy ...) to a minimum.


Component cleaning systems which clean workpieces in a targeted way by means of excess pressure or vacuum

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Pre-washing and washing systems with processing medium or hot water in high-pressure or low-pressure procedures

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Drying facilities, which dry workpieces after washing procedures – either complete drying with vacuum or pre-drying with excess pressure

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Workpiece preservation systems with aerosol or oil/grease direct application

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Cooling or heating of workpieces with cooling nozzles / infrared – without lead times

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A new generation of high-precision high pressure washers

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Mechanical deburring using a brush or milling pin for burr-free workpieces

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Complete solution / connection

Thanks to the broad portfolio in association with the SEMA Technology Group, C-SYS I Cleaning Systems can offer total solutions. “Everything from one source” brings many advantages for the line operator. From pre-cleaning to final washers, drying, preservation and subsequent packaging, C-SYS I Cleaning Systems has already implemented everything successfully.

Energy efficiency through stand-alone supply


For every blow-off box, C-SYS I Cleaning Systems provides own air supply – also for retrofitting!

20% saving
Precisely dimensioned compressors provide sufficient air with lowest connection values. A component cleaning system with connection to a central compressed air network compared 1:1 with a connection to a direct supply results in a saving of more than 20%!!

30% saving
This effect can be increased even more with the use of special energy saving valves, bringing savings to more than 30%!

Even more savings
The use of the latest nozzle assemblies and component cleaning procedures – which can be retrofitted for almost any systems from KNOTH – brings further savings potential!

Supplying processing machines
The processing machines connected upstream or downstream can also be supplied by the compressor system from C-SYS I Cleaning Systems, enabling line operation independent of the hall’s air network!

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Competence centre for cleaning tests

Precise cleaning is based on a lot of experience and even more tests!

C-SYS I Cleaning Systems has its own technology department or its own test centre for this purpose. Numerous component cleaning attempts are performed here with our customers. Furthermore, all new solutions from the idea to series production are promoted in our technology centres, from digital prototyping to real long-term examinations for highest technical availability!

The type of contamination or deburring determines which is the best solution! As C-SYS I Cleaning Systems has a very broad range of solutions, the best one can always be created for our customers.

Options & accessories

Naturally, various accessories are available for the component cleaning systems from C-SYS | Cleaning Systems. All peripheral components are developed at C-SYS | Cleaning Systems or tested with long-standing partners. This ensures complete compatibility with our systems and fast commissioning times at our customers!

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