Brush deburring for workpieces free of burrs

Process-reliable with workpieces free of burrs!

This means this process is always tied to the energy, i.e. the heat of the workpiece. Likewise, the quantity of the water introduced determines the effectiveness of the drying process. When the vacuum chamber is completely evacuated, there is little movement around the workpiece. This then requires intermediate ventilation and renewed evacuation.

In order to optimise these two factors, KNOTH has developed its own patented vacuum dryer.

As the air volume is minimal, air evacuation within the shortest time is possible. This means we can always achieve an excess of power of the vacuum pumps. This excess enables a repeated “intermediate ventilation” of the vacuum chamber or drying with permanent artificial leakage.

The KNOTH vacuum dryer provides the following benefits:

  • Highly efficient drying
  • Drying after so-called cold washing (up to 30°C)
  • Connected load from 5 kW (nominal power)
  • Virtually maintenance-free unit and suction system
  • Highest technical availability
  • No retooling times
  • Automatic flushing of the vacuum dryer
  • Design as inline concept, as gantry-loaded system or as special version with several loading and unloading options
  • No icing over of workpieces
  • Complete gas tightness
  • Adjustable artificial leakage
  • Maximum fresh air supply for effective condensate formation
  • Standardised system
  • Maximum workpiece sizes (standard): 450x450x450 mm
  • Fast delivery times

Typical workpieces / applications for vacuum drying:

Automotive (truck / passenger car)

  • Motor: Crankcase, cylinder head, crankshaft, camshaft, connecting rod, balance shaft, turbocharger, pump housing, valve housing etc.  
  • Gear unit: Clutch housing, gear case, countershaft, drive shaft, gear shaft, gear wheels, shifting fork, shift lever, CV transmission shafts etc.
  • Steering: Steering rack, steering gearbox etc.
  • Drive: Drive shaft, cardan shaft, quick-release axle, thrust tube etc.
  • Chassis: Steering knuckles, half-axis, U-joint crosses, wheel carriers, servo pump, pin fork, track rod end etc.
  • Body: Special section tubes, air conditioning compressor elements etc.
  • E-mobility (electric motor): Rotor shaft, stator, motor housing etc.

White goods / household goods

  • Aluminium housing, pump elements, compressor elements, compression elements etc.

Large-scale production parts & precision parts

  • Hydraulic components, valve blocks etc.
  • Screws etc.