KNOTH nozzle case

Minimise downtime and maximise operating time!

KNOTH nozzle cases

The KNOTH nozzle case minimises downtime and maximises operating time. The individually tailored content makes it possible to put your KNOTH cleaning system back into operation within minutes.
The nozzle case contains (depending on specification) all nozzle parts which are installed in your KNOTH cleaning system. We will be delighted to top up any components which you have used up. Please state the part and drawing number in the request.

Typical workpieces / applications for precision cleaning with compressed air:

  • Removal of the damaged cleaning system Removal of the defective nozzle. If the nozzle is broken close to the ball joint, the ball joint must also be replaced
  • Fitting of the setup template/setting master
  • Select replacement nozzles via the documentation
  • Screwing in and adhesion of the replacement nozzles / ball joints
  • Alignment of the nozzles with the specified points on the setup template/setting master
  • Tightening of the union nuts on our patented ball joints. A stainless steel threaded joint presses cutting edges into the aluminium ball. This provides a safeguard against maladjustment
  • Checking of all other nozzles for positional accuracy. Readjust nozzles if necessary.
  • Reinstallation of the cleaning system in the SurfaceAircleaner/PrecisionAircleaner

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Nozzle holder – straightforward, quick and precise repair!

The KNOTH nozzle holder delivers the best cleaning results rather than hot air. The precision nozzles ensure defined cleaning and trouble-free production. The repair of the nozzle holders is practically self-explanatory thanks to the proven nozzle setting master. Our new video guide, which presents the individual steps clearly, shows just how easy it really is.

The SurfaceAircleaner and PrecisionAircleaner cleaning systems provide the following benefits:

  • Cleaning of complex structures
  • Cleaning of areas that are hard to reach (e.g. water spaces in cylinder heads)
  • Up to 98% removal of contaminations without additional workpiece flushing units (weight proportions)
  • No workpiece heating
  • No mixing of media
  • No compressed air consumption outside of cleaning cycles
  • External movement units
  • Simplest maintenance
  • Nozzles for process-relevant workpiece areas are fixed for quick replacement in case of damage
  • Nozzles for general areas are secured against maladjustments with patented ball joints
  • Automatic processing chamber cleaning
  • Design as inline concept, as gantry-loaded system or as special designs with several loading and unloading options
  • Precise workpiece preparation for subsequent processes

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Spare and wear parts

You will only receive original spare and wear parts for your systems at KNOTH and our official service partners. This enables you to safeguard your production and to rely on the usual quality.

We will be pleased to offer you support for:

  • the selection of spare parts
  • equipment packages for new and existing systems
  • Tailored spare and wear part packages for your production line or your factory

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