KNOTH presents the efficiency package 2020

Learn how to save 35% and more energy for new and existing machines!

Conscientious handling of compressed air has always been paramount for KNOTH! Our complete range of nozzles for dry-cleaning processes can thus be used from a flow pressure of 1.5 bar and is already fully effective in this range. 

However, conventional compressed air networks have pressures of about 5 bar, up to 8 bar and more. Performance which is not required for our processes: From the compressor up to our systems, the compressed air loses at least 4 times its energy:

  • Loss of energy due to heating when compensating to 5 bar and more
  • Loss of energy due to resistance in long supply networks
  • Loss of energy due to leaks in compressed air systems
  • Loss of energy due to expansion of the air when reducing the flow pressure to the pressures required by us

For this reason, KNOTH provides its own air supply with each blow-off box. Precisely dimensioned compressors provide sufficient air with lowest connection values. A SurfaceAircleaner with connection to a central compressed air network compared 1:1 with a connection to a direct supply results in a saving of more than 20%!!

This effect can be increased even more with the use of special energy saving valves, bringing overall savings to more than 30%!

The use of the latest nozzle assemblies and cleaning processes – which can be retrofitted for almost any systems from KNOTH – brings further savings potential!

The combination of these components can be used for dry cleaning systems, and is also offered by KNOTH for existing systems under the name “energy saving package”!

We will be pleased to measure your old SurfaceAircleaner and PrecisionAircleaner cleaning systems for you and will give a quote for retrofitting including a predicted saving.

Everything at once?

A central compressed air network is inflexible. The capacity of the compressors must be designed for the maximum required peak consumption times – and beyond.

This means that the maximum required flow rate of all systems must be added up before the safety factor is added (see graphic):

The suppliers of the central compressed air network (orange graph) must exceed the peak of all systems (grey graph) by the added safety factor – this must be permanent, even though this peak only lasts a few seconds.

In addition, the air is permanently compensated to over 5 bar, which affects the effectiveness of the compressed air generators. This is not the case for stand-alone dry cleaning systems from KNOTH.

The connected load in the illustrated graphic is as follows:

  • Central compressed air network, connected load 42.2 kW (see KAESER)
  • Connection 2x SurfaceAircleaner, capacity 2x 13.5 kW (see KAESER)

As the compressed air generators provided by us are controlled proportionately, the provided flow rate is also adapted to the respective requirement.

Compressed air “on demand”:

Our supply stations can switch to idle within a very short period of time and switch off. So the actual consumption only takes place during cleaning itself.

Alternatively, it is possible – mainly during shorter cycle times – to supply compressed air to the central compressed air networks of our customers during process breaks, thus ensuring a perfect utilisation of our supply stations.

Download: Report by (approx. 150kB)