These three terms are combined within KNOTH Automation GmbH.


In the company with headquarters in Vienna, research has been conducted since 1962 with regard to “solutions in the area of pneumatics”, which is continuously being developed further. From the beginning, the focus was on the energy-efficient use of compressed air: We do not simply blow air onto the workpiece – we USE compressed air!
A path which has been followed in its core to the present day.

During 2011-2017 alone, more than 1,200 cleaning systems (SurfaceAircleanerTM) and devices were supplied. These systems – also referred to as “KNOTH boxes” by our customers, are used in around 70% of all car factories worldwide, and ensure efficient, fast and, above all, precise cleaning of different workpieces.


KNOTH has been a part of the SEMA TECHNOLOGY GROUP since 2018. The Austrian mechanical engineer, manufacturer of highly precise machine tools, awards KNOTH with another technology push. Synergies are utilised in all areas and there is cooperation worldwide. The portfolio is not only extended for SEMA Maschinenbau with cleaning technology, but also for KNOTH – fully linked complete solutions up to packaging solutions can now be offered!


We love research and development! Ever newer and better technologies, that's what drives us. Our zeal is reflected in the well over 60 patents that KNOTH currently holds. A team of several persons takes care not just of the latest projects but also of each individual component in detail. Only in this way can we always offer our customers the best solution for their problem, and of course to the highest quality standard!

People are the biggest asset of a company

A company is only as good as the people who support it! This is why we are very proud of our employees, who prove day after day what makes a company! Diligence, teamwork and the aim to be the best in the industry are what enables us to push the boundaries of what is possible time and again. This is only possible with every single person working in our company, everyone is a cog moving the bigger wheel. A large number of very different people work at KNOTH, with a wide range of expertise, complementing each other in the best possible way, thus contributing to an optimum solution.


Sustainability is very important for KNOTH! This begins with simple waste separation , continues with the optimised use of resources in all areas within the company, ending with our products. We permanently optimise our cleaning systems, not only with regard to energy efficiency, but also with regard to the general consumption of raw materials. This helps us and our customers when saving, but what is more important is to guarantee sustainable conservation of our environment together!

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Facts that impress


Certificates are not only there to decorate the wall at KNOTH, but they form the basis of our whole philosophy. It is the only way to achieve the desired positive effect for our customers, our environment and our company!